Thursday, May 28, 2009

All work and no play...

This picture sums up the typical work vacation for me...  As usual, I'm taking phone calls on my iPhone and typing information into my laptop.  Two things I never leave home without are my iPhone and my laptop.  Hey, if you're going to be on vacation, you might as well get some work done too!

The rest of the pictures are some pictures of the most beautiful state I have ever had the privilege to spend some time in... Oregon.  There are pictures of us traveling through the mountains with snow, pictures of the Pacific coastline, pictures of deserts and mesas and pictures of the river we fished... all in the same trip.  It was an awesome trip.  The conference Chris and I attended was pretty awesome as well.  We headed out to Portland Oregon on May 13th for a 3 day Federal Criminal Defense conference.  It was amazing and we learned a tremendous amount.  Hopefully we can put that knowledge to use soon on some of our cases.

After the conference in Portland, Chris flew back home and I flew down to San Diego for a forensic blood seminar for OUI defense.  Again, this was a top notch seminar that focused strictly on the science behind blood test and urine test cases.  We were able to view an operational state lab and received instruction from the best names in science, medicine, law and alcohol research.  Sorry, no pictures.  This one was literally all work and no play.  Well, enjoy the pictures of Oregon.  I hope it inspires you to travel out there one day.